It may look like the end of the summer is coming and that things are winding down towards autumn. But if you are a fly fisherman then things are just starting to pick up. Now that a lot of the summer visitors have headed home and the weather is cooler the time to put the sun cream away and pick up your fishing rod again has come. September and October can produce some of the seasons best fishing conditions and results. A bit of rain to wake the rivers up bring the fish out from hiding and with a bit of patience and luck you will have a great time. The insect life is more abundant during the day due to the cooler temperatures allowing for a full days fishing from dawn to dusk.

Autumn on the Soca river

Another beautiful day on the Soca

So if you would like to come and visit us we would be happy to help arrange accommodation at our house Katric, permits and guides and equipment if necessary. Contact us for prices and availability. Katric house is only a 10 minute walk to the Soca river, perfect for early morning and late evening fishing.

Information on permits and the fishing region can be found on our fishing page.