A superb variety of restaurants, cafes and bars within the area…

Local Specialities…

Alongside the Soča Valley are many roads and paths leading to places where the old traditional farm activities are still alive. For example, the Alpine dairy-farms under Krn and other Tolmin mountains, where the famous Tolmin cheese is produced.

So the people of the Soča Valley have known about and enjoyed good food for a very long time. The traditions have passed from generation to generation, in written form and orally.

kobariški štruklji…

Today every housewife knows how to prepare the famous local dessert “kobariški štruklji” (a delicious dessert made from dough stuffed with walnuts, raisins and such like), to which the culinary grandees of the town even dedicate a festival. Yet, beware, history and tradition do not reign absolutely, for every štrukelj is different.

The Kobariški štrukelj is a pastry with a signature. Every housewife from Kobarid prepares hers in a slightly different way and “signs” it with her fingerprint in the middle of the štrukelj.

Once upon a time it served as a fortifying snack during the summer mowing, but today it is the star attraction on the dessert menus of restaurants in the Kobarid area.

Restaurants,cafés and bars…

There is a wide variety of restaurants,cafe and bars withing the area. Several of the best restaurants are located within easy driving distance of Kamno in the vacinity of Kobarid. 5 of the best restaurants in the area are part of the Gastronomic Circle.

Topli Val Restaurant – One of the best mediterranean restaurants in Slovenia

Gostilna Breza – Delicious local food

Hiša Franko – One of the finest in Slovenia

Camp Lazar – Great for Edi’s pancakes, grill, & atmosphere!

Gostišči Jazbec – Wide variety of excellent local food and pizza

Slovenian Wine…

Wines in Slovenia are excellent and should not be missed by a wine lover. Does the thought of good wine makes you warm and happy? Then the country of Slovenia is the ideal place for you to be in.

Slovenia embraces wines of good quality with open arms. You will have an idea of the importance of wines in this country when you come to know that one among the national treasures of the country is a 400-year-old grapevine, which is deemed to be the oldest grapevine in the world.

Slovenia has three main wine regions:

Podravlje from northeast Stajerska and Prekmurje.

Posavlje extends from eastern Stajerska across Sava river into Dolenjska and Bela Krajina. Cvicek a dry light red with low alcohol content (8.5%-10%) is the wine to taste in this region.

Primorska where the wonderful Mediterranean climate along the short Adriatic coast allows producing excellent reds and whites. Teran is a deep red spicy wine made from Slovenia grape variety the Refosk (Refosco). Malvazija a light wine of straw-color makes a good drink on a warm evening. Reds from the Vipava valley and Brda Hills (Gorisko Brda) are also fine wines.

Apart from the above major wine-producing regions there’re 10 more districts in Slovenia that produce wines from local grapes.

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